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Optimum Health Journal

An Amazing Story
by Darrell Stoffels

Smoothie Recipe
Builds Optimum Health!

A "superfood" coffee, tea and hot chocolate

Lose weight!
Improve digestion.
Increase your energy!
Conquer fatigue!

Heal your body
from the inside out
with total nutrition and
total detoxification!

Enzymes - Essential Fatty Acids - Green Foods - Whole Food Complex - Oxy-Mag
used in balance can help reverse many health problems
and renew your body for optimum health
Many have used The Optimum Health Program with success. Choose the link that interests you and read more about the foundational health products.
After 8 years of ... therapy, ...doctors, a holistic hospital and medication ...for: anxiety, depression, ...panic attacks, ...IBS, fibromyalgia, anemia, eczema, migraines, sinusitis and asthma ... I found Darrell. ...After 2 years of faithful adherence to his program...read more
Colon cleansing without Colonics... I increased my energy and lost weight...! Heartburn!?...
Stopped hot flashes and softened hands... Thinning hair slows and vision improved Kids enjoy the Flaxseed Oil...

I was blessed after 8 years of psychiatrists (4), counselors (7), doctors (7), chelation therapy, holistic doctors (3), and a holistic hospital; medication ranging from Ativan to Xanax for anxiety, depression, and panic attacks; physical symptoms including irritable bowel syndrome, uterine fibroids resulting in a hysterectomy, fibromyalgia, anemia, and a cancerous mole (basal cell); after a lifetime of eczema, migraines, sinusitis, and asthma, I found Darrell.
By 1992 my health had deteriorated badly; I could hardly function, and I was desperate. By a simple urine test mailed to him, Darrell determined that I was digesting absolutely nothing. He put me on his program of vegetable juices, supplements, essential fats, and oxygen. He stressed the importance of a positive attitude and being thankful to God. In addition, he convinced me to sit still long enough for recuperation.
  After 2 years of faithful adherence to his program and talking to him on the phone (daily for the first 6 weeks, which attests to his extraordinary patience and counseling ability), I am well. My 3 children say that I am totally changed, and each week I notice I am calmer and stronger.
  Darrell’s nutritional program is the finest and his supplements are the best, but that is only half the story. Without his excellent counseling and constant encouragement I could not have persevered. I thank God daily for finding him.—Wendy F.


Thanks for all of the info and great products! It is absolutely amazing how simple the digestive system is on a conceptual level. You may get calls from several of my friends. I am finding that a number of them know the colon needs to get cleansed but they don’t want colonics. Having the means to truly clean out and detoxify the body so the God-given intelligence within the cells can re-establish health is very appealing.
Thank you for all of your efforts in ferreting out this information and putting it together in such an easy-to-understand form. I trust you will be truly blessed for your efforts. —
Jan. P.

 After just a month of using your products, I have more energy and have lost over 10 pounds—without dieting. I just don’t get hungry the way I used to. People are commenting on how much better I look. —Mark S.

 For 30 years I’d tried myriad nutritional products and gotten negligible results. After just days on your program, my hot flashes stopped and my chronically dry hands (a problem I’d had for 15 years) became soft. I had all but given up on nutritional therapies, but your program really works! —Ann P.

I’m very happy with the results of this regimen. My hair is no longer thinning. My bald area is hardly noticeable. My vision has improved. My skin tone has dramatically improved. God bless you! —Marta M.

 Thank you so much for being there for us in time of need. I am thankful for our business relationship as well as friendship in the Lord. I feel I can count on you to be there in time of need for product and as a prayer partner. I appreciate you very much. Thanks for your promptness, faithfulness, and concern.—Kathy O.

 Thanks for your help, your wonderful products, and the awesome work you do! Wow—the difference in how I feel has been astounding, and I look forward to getting even better.
—Mimi J., Tennessee

 Thank you, once again, for so willingly sharing your knowledge. It was a pleasure talking to you again, as always. God bless you for all you are doing!—Jan P.

 It was really good to connect with you the other day. Wow, you know so much about nutrition, or should I say Energy Enhancement? Thanks for all of your insights. I am looking forward to trying the products and also passing them along to those in need.—Valerie B.

 Thanks for mailing us the enzymes. I’ve been passing them out at meals like candy, so we are really down in our stock. My sister-in-law’s heartburn stopped almost instantaneously when she started with just the enzymes! Let us know more about your requirements to become distributors of your products.—Linda C.

 Thank you for your faithful support and the blessing of your ministry. Life would not be as vibrant and healthy without your superior products! —The P. Family

 Thanks, my whole family is taking these [products]. We love how they make us feel great. Thanks, Darrell! —Kerry S.

 I would like to order two bottles of Hi-Zimes. No other product has even come close to these! I am very pleased with them!  —Lisa S.

 Our kids (ages 5 and 2) love the flaxseed oil, and it helps their skin problems, etc. Thanks for making the oil available to us.
—Kevin and Lisa S., Kansas

 Could you please send me another Hi-Zimes-100; I’m almost out! I’ve been recovering from foot surgery, so I haven’t been able to exercise—but I’m still losing weight, and I credit that to the enzymes! —Cindi B.

 I am a patient and associate of Angel G. She introduced me to your L.E.R. products, and I just wanted you to know what a remarkable physical and mental change I’ve experienced since committing to your health regime. Your products work and I feel great! Thank you. —Joseph P., Illinois



Foundational Products
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Darrell Stoffels
Researcher - Formulator - Teacher

"My People are destroyed
for lack of knowledge."
Hosea 4:6 (NASB)

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