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Foundational Products  
HI-ZIMES - Digestive Enzymes 
The ultimate high potency plant enzyme formula for the most complete digestion of the food we eat. Each capsule contains concentrated protease, amylase, cellulase, lipase, lactase, sucrase, and maltase enzymes, plus calcium and magnesium. HI-ZIMES is also great for enzyme therapy and

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100 capsules - $30.00
500 capsules - $100.00                      10.83 oz. powder $100.00 
OXY-MAG and OXY-OXC - Magnesium peroxide with oxygen enhancement 
The most efficient, stabilized oxygen supplement available today for safely increasing oxygenation and detoxifying the entire gastrointestinal tract and every cell in the body. Remember: you are as old as you are toxic! (Natural Law: You cannot regenerate toxic tissue.)
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OXY-MAG 6 oz. powder      $25.00            OXY-OXC 180 capsules      $25.00
Ultra Flax-Borage Complex - Essential Fatty Acids 
Fresh pressed, high lignan, high GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) from borage oil. Lecithin rich with Vitamins E and C and bioflavonoids for unparalleled protection of flavor and freshness. Absolutely delicious. It’s the most complete essential fatty acid product available anywhere.
For more information...
16 fl.oz.      $26.00 

Vitamin-Mineral Whole Food Complex
Enzyme Active - Natural Form Whole Food Complex. 

This formula goes where no other has ever gone before into the “optimum bioavailability zone” and right on through into the “optimum daily dosage zone” as well, especially in the realm of trace minerals. This is the best survival food formula available, you can actually live on it.
Suggested use: 12 tablets a day for extreme deficiency (most people), 6 tablets a day for moderate deficiency (very few people), and 3-4 tablets for those people on an extraordinary diet.
For more information...
180 tablets      $65.00                    360 tablets      $110.00

NanoGreens - High Powered Anti-oxidants 
A scientifically balanced and complete natural food supplement. It is formulated to supply the phytonutrient based antioxidant power of ten or more  servings of dark greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables of all the colors. BioPharma has created a quantum leap in nanotechnology, the  NanoSorb molecule, which maximizes absorption of the nutrients. This process creates unique nano-sized water/lipid molecules that are optimally absorbed by the body.
For more information...
12.7 oz. powder (282 grams)      $50.00
GREENSFirst - Anti-oxidants 
When you cannot eat the ideal five to ten servings of fruits and vegetables a day, you can get the antioxidant power of ten servings from GREENSFirst, which contains 49 super foods, extracts, and concentrates in each 9.4 gram scoop. GREENSFirst is not only great for you, but great tasting too.
More information...
10 oz. powder       $40.00
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