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Smoothie Recipe
Builds Optimum Health!

A "superfood" coffee, tea and hot chocolate

Lose weight!
Improve digestion.
Increase your energy!
Conquer fatigue!

Heal your body
from the inside out
with total nutrition and
total detoxification!

"Dear friend: I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you..."
III John 1:2

Total Nutrition - Digestive Enzymes - Essential Fatty Acids
Anti-Oxidants & Oxygen Therapy for Detoxification

Used in balance can help reverse many health problems
and renew your body for optimum health.

so your body can heal itself!

The human body is magnificent and complex! It's built to heal itself.

Good nutrition is a necessary start to good health.
Good digestion - depending on valuable digestive enzymes - is necessary to deliver the nutrition to our cells.
Detoxification, using oxygen therapy, is essential to rid the body of waste leftover from digestion.

It's the simple in and out way the body uses to maintain
our energy levels and our health.

The body functions in basic In-Out manner. When you give your body complete nutrition, it's digested using enzymes so the nutrients are used to build your cells and create the energy you need to function and fight disease. What's left from digestion has to be eliminated and the body must be cleansed and detoxified. When this process gets interrupted, either by a lack of nutrients (the food is depleted) or a lack of digestive enzymes (the body can't use the food) or by difficulty cleansing the body, disease occurs.

Learn the science of Optimum Health.
The truth will set you free!

We offer the finest nutritional products in a simple and complete program, which, when followed faithfully and persistently, works to lead you to better health.

With the right knowledge, materials and love, perfect health is an option for those who choose it!

Darrell Stoffels
Researcher - Formulator

His Amazing Story
His Amazing Bone Scan
Certified Nutritional Consultant - Naturopathic Endocrinologist

"an uncompromising
desire for knowledge, understanding, wisdom
and truth."

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